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Sleep system options

The Standard Sleeping Pad -A sleeping pad creates a barrier between you and the ground. the ground can be uncomfortable and also sap away warmth from you. Utilizing either an inflatable pad or a solid foam pad will place you up off the ground and insulate you...

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Camping Checklist

Backpacking needs: proper fit Backpack toiletries Solid footwear for the terrain and weather spare clothes sleep clothes socks light shoes Cooking kit stove fuel utensil cup or pot lighter / matches Water Filter Water bottle/ hydration pack Shelter – commonly a tent,...

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Paddlesport Safety

Check the weather Water+ air temperature Water depth / discharge rate cubic feet per second (cfs) Incoming storms Prepare for the worst is a great resource for water info Know the hazards Get local information on strainers, rocks, rapids et...

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Why wear Water Shoes?

Traction , protection, water drainage,anti odor, toe protection and avoid ruining your regular shoes. Getting in and out of water over uneven rocky river beds with slick rocks throughout can be difficult and dangerous, you can see what your wading through and you...

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